Why Do Mostly Programmers Are Refer Linux OS

But still, there are many new programmers who are unaware of the power of Linux and its flexibility. I am talking about those programmers who have just begun their careers and have long been users of Windows.

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The programmer can view and edit or add the source code that was used to create it. They can create their own version of the operating system that can help them in specialized or strategic areas. Other countries are also developing their own operating systems based on source code.

No limits
Linux has no limits. You do not need to wait endlessly for feature updates or security fixes and obstacles to updating your user license. Linux is very stable and less susceptible to malware and viruses. It can be used in educational institutions, at home. Wherever.

Configurable structure
Linux is structured as layers (Kernal, hardware, IO and UI) that are extremely customizable. You can change something if you do not like how it works. Linux does not require a graphical user interface for interaction, i.e., simply using the command line (Shell). The Linux system can be very well configured to take full advantage of the hardware.

As open-source, users have the right to view and modify the source code and even create their own.

Why Do Mostly Programmers Are Raffer Linux OS
Why Do Mostly Programmers Are Raffer Linux OS

Fewer hardware requirements

Linux is very efficient in terms of system resources. Because Linux can be customized, installation for users and for specific hardware requirements is simple and easy. A flexible installation procedure allows users to choose everything they want to install. It even allows programmers to install Linux on older hardware and makes optimal use of all available hardware resources.

Availability of programming tools

Linux is free, so all the basic software is available (which is required by the average user or even by an experienced user). There are many educational programs under Linux. Analogs of professional software for desktop publishing, photo editing, audio, and video editing are also available.

Large supportive communities

Since Linux has been around for over 26 years, over the years it has received strong community support. Programmers can easily find online support. Forums and other sites that are Linux enthusiasts can help you right away when you have any questions. Of course, you will never be alone with this operating system.

Easy to install

As a programmer, installing the Linux operating system should never hurt your neck. Pressing the necessary keys at boot time and navigating through the on-screen prompts will be easy because Linux is no different from installing a program from other operating systems.


The demand for Linux is great. Since it is a free and open-source, more and more programmers want to create their own version of Linux, which can be successful in the future and can help a private or even government agency.

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