How To Install The Linux OS On Your Smart Phone

When you need an alternative operating system, Linux is usually the answer. But what operating systems for Linux smartphones are available for installation today? If you want to replace Android with Linux, here are the distributions you should try.

Originally released by Ubuntu by Canonical, Ubuntu Touch is currently supported by UBports. This means that the abandoned Ubuntu mobile operating system is alive.

Ubuntu Touch’s smart approach to smartphones solves the lack of applications by providing tools for communication, news, and photos. This is done under the guise of visibility areas, various pages of the main screen that provide customizable news, weather information, applications, and social networks.

This also works well, although applications are always needed. Perhaps the greatest strength of Ubuntu Touch is Convergence.

This is a system much like Microsoft Continuum and Samsung DeX, in which the mobile device is connected to an HDMI wireless device, keyboard, and mouse and used as a desktop computer.

Currently supported devices include phones that already have Ubuntu Touch installed, as well as OnePlus One, Fairphone 2, and Nexus 5 (Hammerhead). Many others are under active development, such as OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3.

How To Install The Linux OS On Your Smart Phone
How To Install The Linux OS On Your Smart Phone

Sailboat OS

Jointly developed by Jolla, Mer (middleware stack developer), Sailfish Alliance (the group of corporations) and community members, Sailfish OS is a continuation of the abandoned MeeGo operating system based on Maemo and Moblin.

Unfortunately, Sailfish OS is not open source, and the free version is limited in time.The full version of Sailfish X will cost you about $ 50, and it is only available in the European Union, Norway, and Switzerland. As noted on the site:

“… Using our website and services to purchase Sailfish X outside the Authorized Countries is prohibited.” Sailfish OS has support for Android applications, so if you like it, you should try this OS.

Plasma Mobile

Perhaps the most exciting option on the table is Plasma Mobile, a smartphone-oriented version of the popular Plasma, which is considered one of the best Linux desktop environments.

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