Smart Phone Friendly Linux Operating System

Any person who believes in an improvement in the world is proud of the work that he does and seeks to learn and share his experience/knowledge with others. See also “Legendary Learning” for what we consider all the amazing people like you that we get to help every day.

Well, you didn’t come to our jokes, although we have a lot of them, you came to the mobile update! Another fast month has come and gone, and we are pleased to share with you the latest and best developments of the Mobile Team.

Smart Phone Friendly Linux Operating System

Mobile version update: Android TV and TV OS

In my last blog post, I talked about how we are starting to develop new applications for tvOS and AndroidTV / FireTV. These plans were temporarily delayed by another very important project. But do not worry; we have not forgotten how passionate you all are for letting us know that you need television apps. As always, I will keep you informed about the status of this project so demanded, but at present, it seems that we will not start development before the new year. Sorry, A project that will replace it, although, in my opinion, is equally important.

Community groups

Yes! We are planning a (very) improved version of the current community at Linux Academy. You will be able to create groups, publish topics and messages. We suggest that the mobile experience is intuitive, as are some of the other notable social discussion sites/apps.

We are currently under development, so I can’t share screenshots yet. You can expect this in the next post! I will say that it really excited me. This is the first project for mobile devices that we have given full access to the design team to help us find the best experience.

Raising the minimum supported OS version

To begin with, I must say that I was not sure how to express it without sounding loud and impressive. But this is important, and we know that it will definitely affect many people. We are no longer supporting the oldest versions of iOS and Android that we currently support. These versions include 9.3.5 and 4.4 respectively. As we continue to introduce new and exciting features, we are gradually realizing that support for these old versions simply causes more and more problems. To alleviate further problems, we focus on later and more advanced operating systems.

For example, prior to Android 5.0 (or 5.1), security was a bit like the wild west. Removing KitKat (4.4) will allow us to maintain our enhanced security standards without having to compromise just to be able to support older versions of Android.

So now the most important question; when will this transition happen? And the answer to this question is October 21, 2019. Starting with the release on this date (and all subsequent releases), we will no longer support the above versions of iOS and Android.

Mobile update of the future

Planning for the rest of the year is pretty simple for us. Our main focus and priority will be on community groups. Our small team limits the amount of quality work that we can do at one time, but we still strive to regularly offer you, our Linux academics, new features. Keep track of everything that will happen in the future, both for free and for paid users.

To summarize, we continue to look for ways to implement changes that will significantly improve your learning experience without creating confusion due to several changes at the same time. I like to say, and it is always true that all this would not have been possible without the passion and support that we receive from everyone. We continue to do this because we like it and we love helping you succeed. In fact, I think the Linux Academy-and definition at the top describes not only our students but also our employees.

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