How We Can Play GTA On Linux Operating System

Foreword Statements

Today, many game developers choose the most illogical way in the implementation of their games, first implementing their game using the less portable, most specific operating system and toolkit (window $ and directX), and then trying to port it to more platforms. (and fails).

Although it is actually easier to port code developed on any POSIX-compatible system (actually following POSIX standards), these specific isolated operating systems and tools, game developers are still focused on the Window $ platform.

Fortunately, a wine project was launched 25 years ago (1993) as an easy way to run Windows applications on GNU / Linux operating systems.

Since then, individual developers from around the world have contributed to the project, leading to a solution that actually works pretty well these days.

In 2010, Valve announced the upcoming steam play feature, which will allow (but not only) GNU / Linux users to run native Windows games.

In combination with Vulkan & dxvk, most of the latest DirectX games can now be used on the GNU / Linux operating system.

GTA5 now works flawlessly using our favorite kernel and operating system thanks to wine (“proton” / teamplay), Vulkan & dxvk.

I have been using Unix and GNU / Linux operating systems for a long time (starting with Slackware in late 1993, I think RedHat 5+ & 6+, Debian, Gentoo, Solaris, NetBSD, OpenBSD, …), but I often kept the installation window at hand to run several games that are not available on my favorite platform; You probably also kept it at hand for the same reason (game).

How We Can Play GTA  On Linux Operating System
How We Can Play GTA On Linux Operating System

A few months ago, I finally completely got rid of this crappy operating system, which took forever to perform any simple action, spending hundreds of megabytes of RAM (if not gigabytes), killing your hard drives with constant activity, not starting any service and demanding a reboot to simple tasks that do not need any reboot at all, from time to time calling home, sending personal information m $, looking for a hidden simple option that I wanted to switch by pressing hundreds of times so that finally find it .. you know what I I’m talking about.

Many recent video games have worked on my Debian GNU / Linux operating system (yes, I became lazy and no longer run source distributions), including this great game, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Although this works pretty well, I have to be honest, it’s not so easy to get it working, but thanks to dxvk, Vulkan and really involved companies like Nvidia (quickly integrating the latest Vulkan implementations into their drivers), it gets better every week

In this manual I will give instructions on how to run it, unfortunately, this manual cannot be considered as a comprehensive manual covering any GNU / Linux operating system/distribution; I will focus on the current (stretch / 9.6) Debian GNU / Linux operating system.

I no longer use AMD graphics cards, I will focus on Nvidia graphics cards.
The main requirement is a recent video driver
Vulkan API is actively implemented by video card manufacturers. USING the RECENT video card driver is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT for GTA5 to work properly.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to start it due to the old Nvidia drivers that I used, due to two failed extensions.

Using the Debian distribution (I already heard you are laughing), I obviously cannot use my package manager to install the latest drivers for my operating system (the driver I am currently using was released 3 days ago, November 28, 2018) . ), so I had to remove the current Nvidia drivers and tools previously installed with my package manager, and then install the latest Nvidia beta drivers (i.e. version 415.18.02).

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