Interesting Facts About The Linux Operating System

In this article, we will see the best Linux distribution for beginners. This will help new Linux users choose their first distribution.

Let’s face it, Linux can be a huge challenge for new users. Rather, it is the “novelty” factor that causes this. Not nostalgic, but remembering my first time with Linux, I did not even know what to expect. I like. But for me, it was a swim upstream.

Not knowing where to start can be depressing. Especially for those who have no concept that something else works on their PC instead of Windows.

Best Linux Distributions for Beginners
Please remember that there is no specific order in this list. The main criteria for compiling this list are ease of installation, out-of-the-box hardware software, ease of use, and availability of software packages.


If you explored Linux on the Internet, it is very likely that you came across Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the leading Linux distributions. It is also the perfect way to start your Linux journey.

Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME Desktop
Ubuntu has been tagged Linux for people. This is because Ubuntu has put a lot of effort into universal usability. Ubuntu does not require you to be technically healthy to use it. This violates the concept of Linux = command line hassle. This is one of the main advantages that have taken off from Ubuntu to this day.

Ubuntu offers a very convenient installation procedure. The installer speaks plain English (or any other important language). You can even try Ubuntu before proceeding with the installation procedure. The installer provides simple options for:

Install Ubuntu by uninstalling the old OS
Install Ubuntu with Windows or any other existing OS (each time you start it is suggested that you select the OS to boot).
Set up sections for users who know what they are doing.
Beginner Tip: Choose the second option if you are not sure what to do.

The Ubuntu user interface is called GNOME. It is as simple as it is productive. You can search for anything from applications to files by pressing the Windows key. Is there any way to make this easier?

There is no problem installing drivers, since Ubuntu comes with a hardware detector that detects, downloads, and installs the best drivers for your PC. In addition, the installation comes with all the basic software, such as a music player, video player, office suite and games for some time killing.

Ubuntu has excellent documentation and community support. The Ubuntu and Ask Ubuntu forums provide significant, quality support in virtually every aspect of Ubuntu. It is very likely that any of your questions will already be answered. And beginner’s answers are friendly.

Interesting Facts About The Linux Operating System
Interesting Facts About The Linux Operating System

Linux Mint Cinnamon

For many years, Linux Mint has been the number one Linux distribution on Distrowatch. Well deserved throne, I have to say. Linux Mint is one of my favorites. It is elegant, sleek and provides an excellent computer experience (out of the box).

Linux Mint has a Cinnamon working environment. All software is very affordable grouped into categories. Although for beginners who do not know the names of Linux software, this is not unbelievable, it is a huge bonus.

Linux Mint is fast. Works great on older computers. Linux Mint is built on the solid foundation of Ubuntu. It uses the same software repository as Ubuntu. As for the Ubuntu software repository, Ubuntu only offers software for general use after extensive testing. This means that users do not have to deal with unexpected crashes and crashes that some new programs are prone to, which could be a real failure for new Linux users.

Fans of Windows 7, who don’t really know where Microsoft, if they come with Windows 10, will find Linux Mint attractive. The Linux Mint desktop is very similar to the Windows 7 desktop. A similar toolbar, a similar menu, similar tray icons are all set up to make Windows users feel at home.

Personally, I’m more likely to offer Linux Mint to someone who is new to the Linux world, since Linux Mint really impresses users so much that they accept it. For me, Linux Mint should be the first among the list of Linux for beginners.

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