New Things In Linux Monthly Series Update

The Platform Updates

We updated the platform to make the tests more enjoyable. We updated our quiz pages with more information, and changed their layout to look more like the rest of our platform! So, if you have not passed the test recently, check it out and let us know what you think about the changes! Here are some of the most recent tests you can use to check for updates:

  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Global DNS (Route 53) AWS Basics
  • Advanced VPC AWS

We also have a series of new practice exams:

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Final Examination (MLS-C01)
Google Cloud Professional Specialist – Practice Exam
AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies – FINAL EXAM
CompTIA Linux Plus XK0-004

New Things In Linux Monthly Series Update

Practical Labs

We could talk about all the labs we opened last month, but instead, we want to hear from you! We like to receive stories about how hands-on training has enabled our users to achieve career goals. If you have similar stories, leave them in the comments on this blog or in the comments section of our YouTube channel for this month’s video. Who knows, you can get some gems if we choose your story for the upcoming monthly update.
In addition, although we will not delve into our recently launched laboratories, we want to show you all the amazing new ones that we just deployed:

  • Checking Stackdriver Administrator Activity Audit Logs
  • Configure Azure storage for backups
  • Configure Local MARS
  • Backup and restore using RSync
  • Securing a virtual network with the Azure Firewall
  • Ensure compliance with Azure policies
  • Enabling Always Encrypted in Azure SQL
  • Create SMS Alert Policy Using Stackdriver
  • MXNet Core Classification (AWS SageMaker)
  • Scikit-Learn Random Forest Classifier (AWS SageMaker)
  • TensorFlow / Keras Base Image Classifier (AWS SageMaker)
  • Special scripts for Ansible Shell
  • Using Ansible Firewalls Rules
  • Ansible Archive
  • Ansible cron
  • Solving problems with Ansible Script
  • Increased security
  • Using SQL to get data
  • Using SQL to modify data
  • Using SQL to manage database objects
  • Providing a Cosmos DB instance in Azure
  • Providing Azure Gen 2 Data Lake
  • Running AWS Lambda Function from S3 Event
  • Completed Early Access Courses

We know that there are times when it would be incredibly useful for you to take the course as soon as possible, even before it is fully completed. That’s why we offer early access courses. We currently do not have any early access courses available, but we completed four courses last month. Here are the latest completed early access courses:
AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
CompTIA Linux + XK0-004 Certification Exam
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer
Updated / Updated Courses
Ansible Automation Certified Specialist (EX407) Red Hat Training Course – Although most of the exam objectives remained the same, Red Hat added one new section, so we updated our course with a new section to cover these changes. It also includes six new practice labs!

New courses

Using Azure for disaster recovery Quickstart. This course is intended for those of you who work for an organization that is not yet ready to fully transition to the cloud, but who wants to know what benefits you can get from using something like Azure for disaster recovery.

SQL Deep Dive – SQL is a powerful data language. Regardless of whether you are a programmer, system administrator, database administrator, or analyst, mastering SQL is an asset in your career and this course is designed to help you on this journey.

Google Cloud Stackdriver Deep Dive – Stackdriver is an important monitoring tool, and in this course, you will not only learn what it is, but also how to use it to monitor error reports and, in general, stay up to date on application performance management.

Swag Giveaway

We know that you love swag, so we have one more week of free winners! Thanks to those who subscribed to our YouTube channel and took advantage of the free distribution. On this month’s video on YouTube, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to see if you are one of the lucky ones, and remember to present another chance again in the November update!

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