How To Install Linux OS Step By Step Guide

Two amazing things happened this year in my personal technical life. The Dell XPS 13 laptop became my daily driver, finally pulling me away from the Apple MacBook Pro. Then I abandoned Windows 10 in favor of Ubuntu. Now I walked through the rabbit hole of Linux and became fascinated by the wealth of available open-source software (and commercial!), The speed and elegance of system updates, and an amazing turn of events when it comes to Linux games. I also saw a growing interest in Linux within my community, so I wanted to create a guide to help you install Ubuntu on your PC.

After you do this, check out my guide on updating the graphics driver and playing Windows games only on Steam for Linux!

If you are a Linux professional and find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please contact me on Twitter (@KillYourFM) and I will update this guide accordingly.

Well, you’re here because you’re curious, so let’s talk about why you want to consider installing Ubuntu or any other version of Linux.

How To Install Linux OS Step By Step Guide
How To Install Linux OS Step By Step Guide

Why you can love using Desktop Linux

The most popular operating system in the world is actually built on Linux. Hello to Android users! Of course, this is your phone, not a desktop computer. In this space, Linux has many variations called “distributions”. Although this can lead to a huge amount of choice, it also opens up the freedom of choice, which is simply not possible when using macOS or Windows. Are there any varieties of Linux designed for students, musicians and creative professionals, for anime lovers? You can even create your own distribution from scratch and literally make it yours.

In addition, Linux is ridiculously customizable. Download and install for free (although developers welcome donations). You can write almost any Linux distribution to a USB drive and test it without installing it on your computer. It is also much more attractive than before, competing if it does not exceed the user interfaces of Windows 10 or macOS.

You can just love Linux because it is an alternative to Windows 10 at a time when Microsoft is orienting its operating system to being more of a service over which they aggressively control, rather than something like a “personal” operating system for your personal computer.

Why you could love using Ubuntu

Earlier, I highlighted 5 reasons why you should switch from Windows to Linux, but these are mostly subjective opinions. Let him read and decide for yourself. I will quickly generalize them here:

  • Ubuntu is getting out of your way. It does not grumble you; it just works
  • The average user never needs to touch the command prompt window (Terminal).
  • Software installation is shockingly simple and there is a ton of it. Faster, Safer, and More Elegant Windows
  • System updates happen quickly, happen in the background, and you don’t need to reboot
  • In my experience, the Linux community is incredibly useful. You will not stay in the cold if you have problems
  • In short: Ubuntu pulled me out of the shackles of Windows 10 and I did not look back.

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